The committee for 2018/19 are:



Cameron, Publicity

And here’s what they have to say about themselves…

President – Joanna Jones

I study control and systems engineering and am now in my third and final year. I’m British, but grew up in France – cause of much confusion. I enjoy a number of watersports, including rowing, dragonboating and recently sprint kayaking – which I got to try on my year abroad in Singapore. I also did triathlon in my first year and enjoy climbing in my spare time. I’ve been part of American Girl Scouts for over 10 years and have helped out at Rainbow and Beaver units in the UK and abroad.

Secretary-Jenny Dobb

Treasurer- Sarah Chapman

Publicity – Cameron Duffield

I study mechanical engineering and am now in my second year. Coming from North Wales I enjoy a variety of adventurous activities including sailing, mountain biking and climbing (often with Andrew). I’ve been part of Scouting for around seven years and am a scout leader back in North Wales and in Sheffield.

Quarter Master- Gemma Price

Inclusions Officer- Jenny Dunn

SSAGO Rep’- Robert Jones

I’m a second year Civil Engineer, originally from London. I have been a member of Scouts for 14 years and have taken part in as many activities as have been available. From climbing to archery and camping to kayaking eventually becoming a Scout Leader before I left for University.

Previous Committees

2017/18                                                                                                                                                     President – Cameron Duffield                                                                                                          Secetary –  Iain Millington                                                                                                             Treasurer – Daniel Barry                                                                                                              Publicity Officer – Andrew Clough                                                                                                      SSAGO Rep – Daniel Barry                                                                                                                     Quarter Master – James Clare                                                                                                              Inclusions Officer (previously combined with president) – Jenny Harris

2016/17                                                                                                                                                     President – Andrew Clough                                                                                                           Secetary –  Rachel Arrowsmith                                                                                                             Treasurer – Cameron Duffield                                                                                                              Publicity Officer -Zoe White                                                                                                                 SSAGO Rep – Daniel Barry                                                                                                                     Quarter Master – Tom Robbins

2015/16                                                                                                                                                     President – Sophie Thomas                                                                                                            Secetary – Andrew Clough                                                                                                                     Treasurer – Daniel Barry                                                                                                                       Publicity Officer – Andrew  Jones                                                                                                      SSAGO Rep – Daniel Barry

President – Liz Holder
Secretary – Mike Hopper
Treasurer – Roz Marshall
Publicity Officer – Andrew Jones
SSAGO Rep – Sophie Thomas

President – Mike Hopper
Secretary – Liz Holder
Treasurer – Lizzie Kreit
Publicity Officer – Helena Taylor
SSAGO Rep – Jonathan Elliott

President – Ingrid Schiager
Secretary – Helena Taylor
Treasurer – James Gilliland
Publicity Officer –
SSAGO Rep – James Gilliland

President – Helena Banks
Secretary – Ceri-Siân Dee
Treasurer – James Gilliland
Publicity Officer – Katie Gudgeon
SSAGO Rep – David Parker

President – Gemma Rix
Secretary – David Parker
Treasurer (until Summer 2010) – Ian Stuchbury
Treasurer (from Summer 2010) – Rob Jenkinson
Publicity Officer – Becky Montacute
SSAGO Rep – Tom Nunn

President – Alice Sirrelle
Secretary – Ceri-Siân Dee
Treasurer – Russell Mayall
SSAGO Rep – Tom Nunn

President – Ian Clarke
Secretary – Sarah Wright
Treasurer* – Russell Mayall
SSAGO Rep – Tom Nunn

* For this year the position was also known as “Steak and Ale Pie”

President – Sarah Wright
Secretary – Richard Wain?
Treasurer – Ian Clarke or Russell Mayall?
SSAGO Rep – Russell Mayall

President – Kayti Goldsmith
Secretary – Richard Wain
Treasurer –
SSAGO Rep – Sarah Wright

President – Jane Snape
Secretary – Hayley Mudge
Treasurer – Kayti Goldsmith
SSAGO Rep – Sarah Wright

President – Hazel Plummer
Secretary – Julie Downing
Treasurer –
SSAGO Rep – Stephen Agg

President –
Secretary – Stella?
Treasurer – Marcus Coupe?
SSAGO Rep – Stella?

2014-15 Committee

2014-15 Committee (l to r: Mike, Andrew, Liz, Roz, Sophie)