Committee 2020/21

President – Mark Walter

Hey! My names Mark and I’m the Lord of the StinGS, also known as StinGS President. I am a 3rd year Aerospace Engineering student and have been part of StinGS for the last 2 years, and was secretary for StinGS last year. I first got involved in Scouting as a Beaver and have been involved ever since. When I’m not having an internal crisis and changing hair colour I’m probably socialising with people be that at a pub or doing some kind of active activity.

Secretary – Katie McWilliams

Hi! I’m Katie McWilliams, Secretary. I’m a 4th year studying genetics with the department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. I was a Scout and an Explorer Scout. I enjoy hiking in the peaks, reading and well written meeting minutes.

Treasurer- Jonah Seaston

Hi I’m Jonah, your Treasurer for the year. This is my third year at Sheffield as a civil engineering student, and my second role on StinGS committee after a stint as publicity officer last year. I enjoy a good old bit of walking and running out on the Peaks.

Publicity Officer – Gareth Owen

I am Gareth and I am in my fourth and final year of a MBiolSci in Molecular Biology and I am StinGS publicity officer for the academic year 2020-21. I started out in scouting in secondary school but became very dedicated to music only to become involved again at university through StinGS.


Quartermaster – Jordan Walsh

I’m Jordan, I’m StinGS Quartermaster which means I’m in charge of all the kit. I’m in my final year of my Aerospace BEng. I’ve been in scouts since the start of Cubs and have really enjoyed StinGS at Uni and I’m looking forward to helping make this year a great one despite the challenges of running events.

Inclusions Officer – Jenny Dobb

Hello! I’m Jenny and I’m the inclusions officer for StinGS. I’m just starting a masters in Social Work, but I’ve been in StinGS for three years, while I did an undergrad in Maths and Philosophy. I’ve been in Girlguiding since Brownies and still help out with a unit here in Sheffield alongside being a part of SSAGO.

Previous Committees


President – Cameron Laight
Secretary – Mark Walter
Treasurer – Megan Maton
Publicity Officer – Jonah Seaston
SSAGO Rep – Ian Millington
Quartermaster – Cameron Laight
Inclusions Officer – Jenny Dob

President – Joanna Jones
Secretary – Jenny Dobb
Treasurer – Sarah Chapman (April- October), Cameron Laight
Publicity Officer – Cameron Duffield
SSAGO Rep – Robert Jones
Quartermaster – Gemma Price
Inclusions Officer – Katie McWilliams

President – Cameron Duffield
Secretary – Iain Millington
Treasurer – Daniel Barry
Publicity Officer – Andrew Clough
SSAGO Rep – Daniel Barry
Quartermaster – James Clare
Inclusions Officer (Previously combined with president) – Jenny Harris

President – Andrew Clough
Secretary – Rachel
Treasurer – Cameron Duffield
Publicity Officer – Zoe White
SSAGO Rep – Daniel Barry
Quartermaster – Tom Robbins

President – Sophie Thomas
Secretary – Andrew Clough
Treasurer – Daniel Barry
Publicity Officer – Andrew  Jones
SSAGO Rep – Daniel Barry

President – Liz Holder
Secretary – Mike Hopper
Treasurer – Roz Marshall
Publicity Officer – Andrew Jones
SSAGO Rep – Sophie Thomas

President – Mike Hopper
Secretary – Liz Holder
Treasurer – Lizzie Kreit
Publicity Officer – Helena Taylor
SSAGO Rep – Jonathan Elliott

President – Ingrid Schiager
Secretary – Helena Taylor
Treasurer – James Gilliland
Publicity Officer – Unknown (ironic)
SSAGO Rep – James Gilliland

President – Helena Banks
Secretary – Ceri-Siân Dee
Treasurer – James Gilliland
Publicity Officer – Katie Gudgeon
SSAGO Rep – David Parker

President – Gemma Rix
Secretary – David Parker
Treasurer (until Summer 2010) – Ian Stuchbury
Treasurer (from Summer 2010) – Rob Jenkinson
Publicity Officer – Becky Montacute
SSAGO Rep – Tom Nunn

President – Alice Sirrelle
Secretary – Ceri-Siân Dee
Treasurer – Russell Mayall
SSAGO Rep – Tom Nunn

President – Ian Clarke
Secretary – Sarah Wright
Treasurer* – Russell Mayall
SSAGO Rep – Tom Nunn

* For this year the position was also known as “Steak and Ale Pie”

President – Sarah Wright
Secretary – Richard Wain?
Treasurer – Kirsty Manning (Ian Clarke or Russell Mayall?)
SSAGO Rep – Russell Mayall

President – Kayti Goldsmith
Secretary – Richard Wain
Treasurer – Unknown
SSAGO Rep – Sarah Wright

President – Jane Snape
Secretary – Hayley Mudge
Treasurer – Kayti Goldsmith
SSAGO Rep – Sarah Wright

President – Hazel Plummer
Secretary – Julie Downing
Treasurer – Unknown
SSAGO Rep – Stephen Agg

President – Unknown
Secretary – Stella?
Treasurer – Marcus Coupe?
SSAGO Rep – Stella?

If anyone can fill in the gaps in our history, please contact us.

2014-15 Committee
2014-15 Committee (l to r: Mike, Andrew, Liz, Roz, Sophie)