Committee 2019/2020

President – Cameron Laight

Cameron 2

I’m Cameron and I’m a 3rd year Aerospace engineering student. I come from Cambridgeshire where I was a cub leader. I’m into triathlon and fell running and I’ve been a part of scouting for 10 years. I’m a fan of chocolate Hobnobs.

Secretary – Mark Walter

Treasurer- Megan Maton

Megan Committee

Hi! I study Computer Science and am in my 2nd year. I’m originally from Surrey where I have been a member of Girlguiding for 12 years. In my spare time, I enjoy programming robots and have recently started getting into indoor bouldering and climbing. My favourite biscuit is a chocolate bourbon!

Publicity Officer – Jonah

Jonah Committee

Hi, I’m from Cornwall and am in my second year of Civil Engineering at Sheffield. I went up through scouts back at home and still help out as a leader outside of term time. I enjoy hiking, running and orienteering which makes Sheffield an ideal location with the Peaks on your doorstep! I reckon dark chocolate digestives are the best biscuit going.

SSAGO Rep – Ian Millington

Ian Committee

I’m in third year and studying civil engineering. I’ve been a member of Scouting for 15 years and was a cub leader before university. I have both the Young Leader Belt and the Explorer Belt, although I only wear one at a time. I particularly enjoy pioneering and hiking and away from Scouting I play and umpire tennis.

Quartermaster – Cameron Laight

Inclusions Officer – Jenny Dobb

Previous Committees

President – Joanna Jones
Secretary – Jenny Dobb
Treasurer – Cameron Laight
Publicity Officer – Cameron Duffield
SSAGO Rep – Robert Jones
Quartermaster – Gemma Price
Inclusions Officer – Katie McWilliams

President – Cameron Duffield
Secretary – Iain Millington
Treasurer – Daniel Barry
Publicity Officer – Andrew Clough
SSAGO Rep – Daniel Barry
Quartermaster – James Clare
Inclusions Officer (Previously combined with president) – Jenny Harris

President – Andrew Clough
Secretary – Rachel
Treasurer – Cameron Duffield
Publicity Officer – Zoe White
SSAGO Rep – Daniel Barry
Quartermaster – Tom Robbins

President – Sophie Thomas
Secretary – Andrew Clough
Treasurer – Daniel Barry
Publicity Officer – Andrew  Jones
SSAGO Rep – Daniel Barry

President – Liz Holder
Secretary – Mike Hopper
Treasurer – Roz Marshall
Publicity Officer – Andrew Jones
SSAGO Rep – Sophie Thomas

President – Mike Hopper
Secretary – Liz Holder
Treasurer – Lizzie Kreit
Publicity Officer – Helena Taylor
SSAGO Rep – Jonathan Elliott

President – Ingrid Schiager
Secretary – Helena Taylor
Treasurer – James Gilliland
Publicity Officer – Unknown (ironic)
SSAGO Rep – James Gilliland

President – Helena Banks
Secretary – Ceri-Siân Dee
Treasurer – James Gilliland
Publicity Officer – Katie Gudgeon
SSAGO Rep – David Parker

President – Gemma Rix
Secretary – David Parker
Treasurer (until Summer 2010) – Ian Stuchbury
Treasurer (from Summer 2010) – Rob Jenkinson
Publicity Officer – Becky Montacute
SSAGO Rep – Tom Nunn

President – Alice Sirrelle
Secretary – Ceri-Siân Dee
Treasurer – Russell Mayall
SSAGO Rep – Tom Nunn

President – Ian Clarke
Secretary – Sarah Wright
Treasurer* – Russell Mayall
SSAGO Rep – Tom Nunn

* For this year the position was also known as “Steak and Ale Pie”

President – Sarah Wright
Secretary – Richard Wain?
Treasurer – Ian Clarke or Russell Mayall?
SSAGO Rep – Russell Mayall

President – Kayti Goldsmith
Secretary – Richard Wain
Treasurer – Unknown
SSAGO Rep – Sarah Wright

President – Jane Snape
Secretary – Hayley Mudge
Treasurer – Kayti Goldsmith
SSAGO Rep – Sarah Wright

President – Hazel Plummer
Secretary – Julie Downing
Treasurer – Unknown
SSAGO Rep – Stephen Agg

President – Unknown
Secretary – Stella?
Treasurer – Marcus Coupe?
SSAGO Rep – Stella?

If anyone can fill in the gaps in our history, please contact us.

2014-15 Committee

2014-15 Committee (l to r: Mike, Andrew, Liz, Roz, Sophie)