Camping & Rally

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In previous years we have run a very successful Yorkshire Freshers’ Camp attended by many of our members as well as those from Leeds and Nottingham. We also put on an annual Walking Weekend out in the Peak District every Easter. 

We’ve also run a twelve day Explorer Belt expedition travelling around Eastern Europe in 2018 and 2019. Our explorer belt has its own Facebook page, so check it out if you want to know more!

As part of SSAGO we also attend 3 Rallies (weekend camps) and a ball each year, hosted by clubs all over the country. Activities in the Duck Rally in Cambridge, for example, included hikes, pub crawls, and punting! More information about SSAGO events can be found over on their website.

Some camps over the last few years:

  • Walking weekends at Hebden Bridge and Whitby
  • Fresher’s Campfire at Whiteley Woods
  • Cartoon Rally (Manchester)
  • Pantomime Rally (Leeds)
  • Ancient Greek Games Rally (Warwick)
  • Magical Rally (Southampton)
  • Extreme Rally (Edinburgh)
  • Greater Yorkshire Fresher’s Camps, with Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester and York
  • Joint trip to Slovakia with LUUSAG (Leeds SSAGO)
  • Inflatable Rally (Loughborough)
  • Myths and Legends Rally (Cardiff)
  • Silly Hat Rally (London)
  • The Festival (a.k.a. Pubscouts)
  • Fantasy Rally (Lancaster)
  • Scot Rally (Glasgow)