Walking Weekend 2019

The StinGS annual walking weekend was hosted in Edale this year, the weekend after we broke up for Easter. 

On the first day, we split up into a short hike, long hike, and Explorer Belt group, to give the team some practice before venturing out abroad over summer. The weather was suspiciously warm, which caught everyone off guard, following the blizzard in the spring camp only a few weeks before. As a result, there were a lot of half burnt faces on the first day, from walking with the sun on just one side for hours on end.

With the Explorer Belt team deemed sufficiently competent, we elected to just host hikes based on length on the Sunday. This again took in some lovely views of the Peaks around Kinder Scout making the most of the persistently pleasant weather.

Northern Rail was playing up as usual on the way back, so we stopped off in Hathersage for a quick goggle at Alpkit before catching the bus replacement service back to Sheffield. All in time for a trip to Fagans, of course!